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Be your own Feng Shui consultant

A Feng Shui online course under the guidance of a professional

Enjoy a relaxed living - be relaxed!

Feng Shui, the knowledge proven for millennia can - if applied correctly – increase the quality of your life enormously, too!

Because your surrounding shapes you and can have a supporting effect. Feng Shui relies on the power of the outer space and its effects on the inner reorientation which in turn generates more relaxation, energy and success.

Look forward to many tips that can be applied easily and immediately! Many of our participants have already been surprised by the effects that Feng Shui has had on their lives.

How Feng Shui can maybe completely change your life and steer it into a new and successful direction, too:

Feng Shui harnesses on the fact that the energies in space and time have a significant influence on you. Many successful companies and VIPs already trust in the knowledge of Feng Shui and see this as a significant support for their success.

Take the chance to change something in your life effectively and lastingly! Feng Shui can help to promote untapped potential and positively influence difficult situations.

This course shows you how the environment has an effect on you. Accordingly, this experience could have a positive influence on your life and as a consequence you will well-remember it for a long time.

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Your desire:

To live a life in pure joy

To reach your goals with ease
To get more out of your life
To enjoy a healthy, restful sleep
To find the love of your life
To counter the constant lack of money in your pocket
To find your vocation

A room has a decisive influence on you.

The design of living spaces often has a direct influence on the well-being of a person. In this professional Feng Shui course I will teach you how to use the methods of Feng Shui to turn living spaces into oases of well-being that can help you to use your full potential.

Take advantage of this opportunity now at a reduced price →

Create your life the way you like it!

In this video course I motivate and support you to reach your goals. Participants of previous courses reported that their expectations have often not only been met but exceeded.

Our offer has already helped a number of participants to optimize many areas of their lives and live a satisfying life. Take advantage of this opportunity now at a reduced price!

Here you can learn it! You will get knowledge & tips that can be applied and implemented immediately! A new point of view that can help you to recognize and change deficiency situations.

Here some of the experiences participants of our Feng Shui course made:

  •  Detecting sleeping problems
  •  Increasing life energy
  • positive reorientation and perspective
  • increase of individual success
  • an increased well-being at home and at work
  • having more positive sentiments through the right choice of colour
  • simple and practical application
  • outstanding quality

This is what you can expect:

√ 12 videos building up on each other

√ a structured step by step tutorial

√ sound knowledge easy to apply

√ You can learn at the pace that feels right to you

√ study when and where you want, even when travelling

√ a program that has already helped many participants to success

√ a network of like-minded people in our closed Facebook group

√ a workbook that will guide you through the course

√ You receive classical Feng Shui knowledge directly from a master of the subject

√ the lessons are easy to implement in practice

√ the teachings are adapted to European needs

√ You save years of studying textbooks

√ the quality of the course is guaranteed by the international Feng Shui Association

√ a focus on the fun of living

√ Access to comprehensive and millennia-old traditions that are rarely found in this complexity.


this is a beginners’ course and not suitable for participants who have already attended a Feng Shui training. You should have an open mind and be interested in furnishing and living. You are looking for changes in your life.

Petra Coll Exposito

I have been living and working as a Feng Shui consultant and lecturer for 20 years and can support you with my experience to get to know and increase the positive effects of a room.

This subconscious level of space has had a decisive effect on me and my success. I attribute my success to Feng Shui and my success is measurable: from a two-room apartment to a home of my own, and all this as a single mom with two kids.

Course contents:

In this course you will learn with the help of presentations and videos a wide range of Feng Shui techniques that can help you to evaluate and change your environment, living and working space.

You will learn the basics of classical Feng Shui. Using practical examples, we will show you how Feng Shui can be used to positively influence difficult situations in a sustainable way.

During this training, my intention is to provide you with a professional solution for your home in a simple, fast and inexpensive way. So, feel free to test it for 14 days without obligation!


That’s what you will get:

√ 12 extensive videos building up on each other

√ Compact and practical

√ Step-by-step course documentation

√ Support in our Facebook group

√ Plus 2 surprise bonuses


An individual on-site consultation can easily cost 1,000 € and more. With my online course you can therefore save a lot of money!

Take advantage of the current offer: 88 € instead of 280 € (incl. 19% VAT) (offer extended until 31.08.2021)



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This is what course participants say about our seminars & trainings:


For me the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence is the only institution where I can find everything I want for my studies in classical Feng Shui: Qualified lecturers, international experts, practice-oriented teaching material, course offers all over Europe, exchange of information, current tips and information, both for students and clients, classical knowledge combined with experience and a modern approach and last but not least the passion and this immense energy, which motivates every student to make an unexpected effort and leads him into this deep and extensive knowledge. Unique in Europe and for everyone who is serious about it, there is no better way to learn this knowledge. Thank you very much, dear Petra, for teaching us the classical Feng Shui in such a depth and diversity as well as practical experience and making it all accessible to us.

Barbara Lemke
Barbara Lemke

Outstanding and above all extremely competent in the transfer of knowledge!

Gerd Mertens
Gerd Mertens

Focused personally and individually on the client, in a consultation or cooperation or as a training institute! I am very much pleased!

Johanna Dahm
Johanna Dahm

Absolutely top! Consultants and lecturers are extremely competent and empathic. As a customer you can't wish for a better Feng Shui consultant and as an academy for future consultants 100% recommendable.

Mirja Lembcke
Mirja Lembcke

An excellent school for classical Feng Shui! The course offer is excellent!

Nina Herbener
Nina Herbener

Since 2006 I have attended courses and trainings with Ms. Petra Coll Exposito and graduated with a Master's degree in 2014. It was a very lucky chance for me! She is the most competent teacher, always patient and friendly and one of the BEST in her field. She always taught me the precision and depth of Feng Shui in an exciting and clearly understandable way using practical tasks and her many case studies. The whole thing with a fresh pinch of humour and at a friendly eye level.

I thank you dear Petra!!!

Nima Soraya
Nima Soraya

My life would look so different today if I had not found this wonderful school and Master Petra Coll Exposito. Classical Feng Shui is taught here with joy, enthusiasm and a great fund of knowledge. It is an honour for me to be able to actively participate in this work.

Stine Holland
Stine Holland

I have known Petra Coll Exposito for 15 years as a Feng Shui consultant. She combines enthusiasm for her work with mastery and down-to-earthness. A consultation in 2007 is especially memorable to me: It led, at least indirectly, to STORYdynamics®. And finally to my book 'Selfmarketing for shy people'. Thank you!

Susanne Hake
Susanne Hake

Feedback from an expert in interior design about "Be your own Feng Shui consultant":

Hello Petra, I have just downloaded your online course and I am thrilled. I think the idea and the medium are great and the material, which is very complex, is presented in a very understandable way. We often moaned and struggled for "understanding" during seminars. Many things became clear only after reflecting and pondering for a long time. And when I, myself, want to inform my customers about classical Feng Shui, after a short time they ask me not to complicate it that much. Your videos show that Feng Shui is actually not complicated at all. Congratulations. Many greetings!

Karl Willy Wittstadt
Karl Willy Wittstadt Wittstadt architecture and interior design

Frequently asked questions (faq)

What exactly am I buying here now?

After having completed the purchase you will get access to the online seminar "Be your own Feng Shui Consultant". The seminar consists of video modules, learning content, workbook and tasks. Nothing will be sent by mail - and you don't need to keep special times free for appointments in your calendar in order to attend a class.

How long does it take until I get access?

The delivery of your online access is digital and automated. This means that I can process your order even if it's just 3 a.m. Within 3 minutes after your purchase you will receive your access in your e-mail box and can start right away.

...and if I don't like the seminar?

There is a completely non-binding, 14-day trial duration. It is important to me that my customers are 100% satisfied, otherwise I don't want their money.

Why am I convinced of the quality of our course?

I am absolutely convinced that only satisfied customers will recommend my course and it has become evident that most of the new customers actually enroll because of recommendations from previous participants.

I have already read books on this topic!

In my opinion, books cannot give you the experience of a course in a comparable form, as there is no interaction, exchange or accompaniment in this medium. You take no risk - try the offer for 14 days without any obligation.

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